Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Samsung SyncMaster 193P (Silver) 19" LCD Monitor

By: Alvin

Price: Around $550

Pros: Brightness, Crispness, Game Playing, Quality
Cons: Higher price that other 19 inch LCD monitors

This monitor is by far the best 19 in. lcd you can buy right now. Starting with the physical aspects, this monitor is sleek. There are no buttons on the panel except the power button, which makes it look clean and crisp. The power button only requires a very light touch to activate, which kind of scared me at first, because I was not sure if I even did anything when I first pressed it. The pivot on the monitor makes adjusting it very easy, both vertically and to rotate it.

The package also comes with a cd, which contains the analog and digital drivers. The Magictune software allows you to adjust the monitor, color, brightness, contrast, ect. Wow, there is also another utility on the cd called Pivot Pro, which allows you to rotate the image on the screen with a right click of the mouse. I found this program quite useless, but it probably just depends on what you are planning to do with the monitor.

The connections on the base of the monitor allow for both analog and digital, which is nice, but was kind of complicated to get working at first because I forgot to install the digital driver before connecting the monitor. The height adjustment on the monitor is a very cool way of doing it...