Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NEC Plasma Technology

NEC 42XR3 Plasma TV

Key Features of the NEC 42XR3 42" Plasma Monitor

* 42" NEC Plasma TV, HDTV (1024 X 768) Resolution
* Long lasting: up to 60,000 hour half life
* Best in class image quality and accurate image reproduction
* Includes a 3 year maufacturer's warranty!
* AccuShield features prevent screen "burn in"
* Split screen functionality: Control PIP size, location, and aspect ratio
* Flexible Input Options including DVI, VGA, and Component Video
* Gamma 12 Color Processing: Industry-leading 68.7 Billion Colors!
* Stereo Sound: Built-in 18W stereo amplifier
* Exceptionally quiet operation
* Dimensions: 40.1" x 24" x 3.5"
* Weight: 64.0 lbs.

NEC Plasma Technology

High resolution. Crystal clear larger than life images.

High brightness and contrast. Allows for commanding video in most viewing environments.

Greater Brightness and Contrast
Making it easier for audiences to see presentations, lectures or signage, and delivers a true home cinema experience at home from DVD and HDTV.

Real life colors. Image processing technology improves white balance, color accuracy, dynamic range and varying levels of black in an image.

Mass Area Superior Sampling (MASS) Advanced video scaling eliminates jagged lines and corrects color bleeds to create clear and defined images from any video source, while while Digital AccuDevice all-digital video processing allows for artifact and noise free video.

Gamma 12 Color Processing Provides the highest color processing in a plasma display. An indutry-leading 68.7 billion colors(4,096 gardient steps) delivers more detail than you've ever seen before!

Deinterlace video processing. Circuitry detects frame rate and then selects the proper processing to reduce line flicker and jaggies in video.

Picture management. Multiple adjustments enable for personalized modifications to fine tune image display.

Video noise reduction. Specialized circuitry assists in filtering video noise in VHS, cable and satellite sources.

HD signal compatibility. HDTV (1080i, 720p) and SDTV (576p, 480p) for superior high resolution video.

Advanced AccuBlend. Converts non-native resolutions to the resolution of the display for flawless images.
Convenience Features

Easy to use, easy to navigate. Full function back lit remote puts common features at the touch of a button.

Long lasting. The new NEC Plasma TV features a revolutionary 60,000 hour plasma panel half-life. "Half Life" is an approximate time for the display panel to reach half of it's original brightness. The panel life is based on motion video as the input source and all display settings at factory default. This time may vary if the source varies and monitor settings are not at factory default.

Unsurpassed product reliability and service. Ranked #3 by PAC Media for product quality/reliability and product warranty repair/return programs.

Extremely quiet operation. Listen to your movie, not your equipment.

Extensive connections. Connect to virtually any source including a satellite receiver, DVD, VCR, computer, video games and more.

DVI with HDCP. Allows you to display HD content that is protected (HT1100/Plasma).

Compliment any room. NEC provides a full assortment of accessories.

Sleep timer. Allows for automatic shut off.

Multiple aspect ratio modes. Display the image based on the source or viewer’s preference.
Terminals and Connections

RGB 1 (analog) 15-pin mini D-sub (in/out selectable)
RGB 2 (analog) 5 BNC (RGB/HV) (RGB/HD Video selectable)
RGB 3 (digital) 25-pin DVI (digital only)
Video 1 Composite BNC x 1 (in/out selectable)
Video 2 Composite RCA x 1
Video 3 S-Video 4-Pin DIN
HD Video 1 RCA Component (Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr)
HD Video 2 BNC Component (Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr) (RGB/HD Video selectable)
Audio 3 sets RCA stereo + external speaker jacks


At 5:16 PM, Blogger morb said...

huhu.. I also want to have TV.. will u gv me tv? :P ehehee..
Juz stomping my presence :P

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

far and away the best plasma made. it could not get any better. i am very pleased. only downer was the 5,500 cost. well worth it. enjoy.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger Rajesh said...

Full Specification is given in this post.
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