Thursday, December 23, 2004

Digital TV revenues to double in 2005

The combination of government deadlines and the continued emergence of advanced TV technologies will cause digital television shipments to rise at a 44.5% compound annual growth rate, from 19.9 mln in 2004 to 86.6 mln by 2008, according to iSuppli. Revenue from digital TV sales will double in 2004, from $31.4 bln this year to $62.8 bln in 2008.

1.8'' hard drives up due to high demand, iPods
10.87 mln cable set top boxes sold in 2004
11 mln digital cable set top boxes shipped in 2004
11 mln DVD burners will sell over the next 18 months
11 mln US households will have digital TV set by year-end 2004
13% of consumers plan to buy a DVD recorder
15% of US adults plan to get HDTV
18% of Brits have digital cameras
19 mln digital radios will be sold in 2007
20% of DVR owners use the word "love", when referring to DVR
200K digital TV subscribers in China in 2003
25% of people think they own an HDTV, 50% don't buy the product due to difficulties in using it
27% of consumers want a single-tasking music player, 13% want a single-tasking video player
29% of British households will own a digital radio in 2008
33% of all hard drives sold in 2008 will be inside consumer gadgets
37 mln US households to subscribe to HDTV by 2008
4.4 mln IPTV subscribers in Europe by 2008
4.7% of TV sets sold in US are US-made
40% of Americans own a digital camera
40% of US households will own an HDTV-ready TV set
410K cars and SUVs sold in first half of 2004 had pre-installed DVD systems
42% of Americans will have digital camera by the end of 2004
450 mln DVD players by 2008
5.6 mln rear-projection TVs will be sold in 2004
50 mln Flash-based music players will be sold in 2008
55 mln DTT households in EU by 2009
70% of Americans know about DVRs, 48% know what TiVo is
70% want media servers from consumer electronics, not PC manufacturers
70K HDTVs sold in EU in 2003
72% would buy a media hub, only 41% know how to use them
8 mln LCD TV units sold in 2004, 13.8 mln will sell in 2005
8.24 mln DVD recorders will sell in 2004
8.6 mln digital TV sets will be sold in 2004
89 mln European households to use digital TV in 2007
9 mln LCD TVs sold in 2004
90% of leaked movies leak from cinema camcorders
Americans spent $36 bln on cable TV in 2004
Average digital TV to cost $690 in 2008
Both digital cameras and phones to grow
Cameraphone sales to double this year, triple next year
Cameraphone sales up 200% in 2004
China digital camera sales up 280% in Q2 2004
Consumer electronics prices fall 2%
Consumer electronics prices fell 3.1% in May
Demand for HDTV tuners u[p
Digital camera market leaders: Sony, Kodak, Canon, Olympus
Digital camera sales reached $24 bln worldwide in 2004
Digital projection TVs outsell plasma screens
Digital satellite to generate $70 bln in TV subscriptions by 2008
Digital TV set-top boxes grew 28% in 2003
Digital TV sets will net $70 billion in 2008
Disposable cameras the only bright spot in film camera market
DVD player profit margins hit $1
DVD recorder shipments increased 200% in 2003
DVR growth rate is expected at 46.9%
DVR market to grow 59% yearly till 2008
DVR penetration to reach 41% by 2009
Flat panel TV pricess will fall 30% in 2004
Home theater installations to rise 12-15% in 2004
IDC revises LCD TV forecast to 50 mln units in 2007
Interactive program guides for PVRs to generate $1 bln by 2008
LCD TV market to double in 2004
LCD TV sales went up 23% in Q4 2003
Less than 10% of TV sets sold in 2004 are LCD TVs
More digital than film cameras sold
Most popular gift in 2004: digital camera
MPEG2 DVD-recorder chip prices to fall
Nielsen estimates DVR penetration at 4-5%
Only 7% of consumers will definitely purchase Portable Media Center
Plasma TV sales up 169% YTY in Q1 2004
Plasma TV, cameraphones "hot" among consumers
Rear-projection TV sales
Russian plasma TV sales grew 93% in 2003, will grow 78% in 2004
Satellite customers are bigger fans of PVRs
Sweden to lead the world in digital TV
TV industry conducts own DVR survey, finds 42.7% returning the device
UK digital TV penetration is 38.79% in 2003
US consumer electronics prices experience the biggest decline in 5 months
US consumer electronics sales data
US digital camera penetration to reach 40% by year-end 2004
Wishlist for Christmas 2004: HDTV, MP3 player, digital camera
Yankee Group ups DVR penetration forecast to 33.5 mln DVRs by 2008

Sony Says Not Leaving U.S. Plasma TV Market

Wed Dec 22, 2004 06:32 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Corp. (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday said it had no plans to abandon the market for plasma-screen television sets in the United States in the near term, though it did not say specifically what its intentions were internationally.

"Sony has absolutely no intention of abandoning our plasma television business in the U.S. in 2005 or the foreseeable future," Sony Electronics said in a statement.

A spokeswoman for Sony Electronics said she could only comment for the United States and that corporate representatives in Japan were not available to comment.

Earlier this week Sony representatives in Japan said the company may consider abandoning the market for plasma TVs at some point in the future but for the time being would continue to make the TV sets.

Japanese media had reported that Sony, the No. 2 plasma TV maker, could pull out of that market as soon as the spring of 2005.

Sony executives have said they will focus their attention in future on Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD television sets, a different technology than plasma that up to now has been used primarily for smaller screens.

Plasma sets use tiny pockets of gases to display images, while LCDs use crystals sandwiched between glass. Prices have fallen steadily on both though they remain more expensive than traditional TVs with retail prices starting at over $2,000 in the United States.

Sony has a joint venture with Samsung Electronics (005930.KS: Quote, Profile, Research) for mass LCD production starting in 2005. By contrast, it has to source all of its plasma panels from outside manufacturers.

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