Thursday, November 04, 2004

Samsung 56" Widescreen HDTV Monitor TV

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* DLP (Digital Light Processing) TV
- Compact Light
-Weight Design-Fits Where Others Won't
* Samsung Cinema Smooth Gen 3 HD Third Generation Light Engine
- Single Panel Digital Micro-Mirror Device (DMD) Design for a Crystal Clear Picture Without Any Possibility of Convergence Errors
- High Output 0.55" DLP Technology by Texas Instruments
- Smooth Film-Like Pixel Free Images
- 1500:1 Contrast Ratio with Outstanding Color and Deep Black Levels - 30% Quieter Operation (48db)
* Samsung's Latest Generation DNIe Video Enhancer
* Samsung's Cinema Smooth Film-Mode 3:2 Pull Down powered by Genesis™
* 1280 x 720 Digital Format Converter for All Inputs
* HDTV Performance with Add-On HDTV Tuner or HD Receiver
* New HDMI and DVI Inputs for True Digital Performance
* No Screen Aging or Burn-In Effects for Worry-Free Enjoyment


* 30-Watt Stereo Audio System with SRS TruSurround XT

* DVI HDTV Input (Digital Visual Interface)
* HDMI Input (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
* 2-Component Video Inputs (480i/480P/720P/1080i)


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