Monday, November 22, 2004

BenQ 46W1 Plasma Display

The BenQ 46W1 Plasma Display features high illumination, the finest digital resolution, and a body that's wafer thin and super lightweight. It is a cinch to fit into any space or hang anywhere. Experience perfect digital sensory immersion in the home, and in your most important business presentations, advertising, shop-front displays, briefings, educational training and other commercial applications.

*Flicker-free Picture
BenQ Plasma's De-Interlace and P-Scan capabilities go further than simply accepting stable, non-flicker 480p signals; they can convert ordinary 480i signals into the finer 480p format too, giving you exquisite, flicker free images. Even after lengthy viewing times, your eyes will not feel tired.

*3D Audio WOW
BenQ's SRS Surround Sound and booming True Bass is complimented by a clear and penetrating treble purified by the Focus technique. The high fidelity audio works in unison with life-like images to present you a realistic digital experience.

*Distinct and Detailed Data Screen Display
When ordinary 16:9 screen ratio Plasma TVs present 4:3 signals converted to 16:9, picture quality is lost and the image becomes blurry. This haziness is the result of compressing and reproducing the signal. It is normally impossible to accurately and completely match each pixel to the original signal.


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