Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Turn the Windows XP taskbar into a Mac-like Dock

You may not use a Mac, but now there's a way for us PC users to get the stellar moving and popping icons that make OS X look so cool!

ObjectDock is a little application that turns your Windows 2000 or XP taskbar and QuickLaunch bar into a slick-looking takeoff of the OS X Dock. You'll have the same Windows functionality, but the graphics will float onto your screen when you mouse over them.

ObjectDock is really easy to use. Install the program and launch it. The change to your desktop will happen immediately.

The program also has an awesome extra feature. Minimize a window and look at the bottom of the page you have open. You'll be able to see a screen shot of the last page you worked on. You'll love it!


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