Thursday, October 07, 2004

First game -- MindArms (9232 KB)

MindArms is a great 2D fighter, one of the best freeware fighting games coz it got smooth character animations, a gameplay style that anyone can grasp after only a few minutes of play, and catchy music. What more do you need? A more in-depth review? on!

MindArms' gameplay is fast, fun, and easy to learn. Unlike the complicated button presses used for special moves in games like Street Fighter, MindArms' special attacks are executed by pressing only a couple of keys in order. But don't think that you can just perform one attack over and over again to win; the AI is fairly aggressive compared to what is found in other freeware fighters, even if it won't offer a great challenge. MindArms has only five characters available from the start, but each is very unique (most fighting games like to use variations of the same character and give them different names), though the small roster of fighters may annoy some. It must also be noted that the game uses a distinctly Japanese style. I think that three of the characters are guys and the other two are girls, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. You won't find any big, muscular guys in this game, just girly men. MindArms' graphics are very good, and could compete with most 2D commercial fighting games on the market today. Also, the character animations are very fluid, and could easily beat most 2D commercial fighting games. Without a doubt, MindArms is real eye candy. MindArms' sound is the average stuff you would find in any other fighting game, and the music is slightly above average. The game's got some catchy tunes, but none that really stand out. Needless to say, you won't be annoyed by MindArms' sound and music, but you won't be amazed, either.

Overall, MindArms is a great fighting game, one of the best fighting games you can download for free. If you don't think you'll be annoyed by the Japanese style or small roster of fighters, MindArms is worth the download.

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Cool! 8/10


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