Thursday, October 07, 2004

Download PSpice 9.1 Student Version

PSPICE is a computer program used to perform simulations of electronic circuits. The Student Version of PSpice is intended for use by college students and professors who are interested in learning about analog and mixed-signal simulation. Limitations of this student version are a maximum of 64 nodes, 10 transistors, 65 digital primitive devices, and the sample library is limited to 39 analog and 134 digital parts.

# What is SPICE and what is PSpice?

SPICE is an analog (originally) circuit simulator that was developed at the University of California at Berkeley. PSpice is one of the many commercial SPICE derivatives, and has been developed by MicroSim Corporation.

# What does SPICE stand for?

SPICE stands for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis.

# How does PSpice help in circuit design?

PSpice's strong point is that it helps the user simulate the circuit design graphically on the computer before building a physical circuit. Hence, the designer can make any necessary changes on the prototype without modifying any hardware. As soon as the test design is completed, PSpice can help you run a check on it before deciding to commit yourself to building a hardware model. Hence, PSpiec allows you to check the operability of the circuit model in real life simulations to validate its viability. Since all the tests, designs and modifications are made over a terminal, the designer can save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on the building of models and modifying them.

Useful Links for Pspice tutorials:
Virginia Tech PSpice Resource Center


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